Interview with Bailey

Bailey Jacobs is a surprisingly intelligent teenage girl who’s turned her hand to solving local crimes. I caught up with her at home to find out more about this do-gooder celebrity sleuth …

What is it about solving crimes that you enjoy?
I don’t just do crimes. Mysteries too. It’s the mysteries I enjoy the most—they’re a buzz. Well, most of the time.

At seventeen, aren’t you a little young to be a private investigator?

Do you want to make it a career?
Being a private investigator? I think so. At the moment I’m washing up at a cafe in town. My boss is a dick, but I’ve got to keep working to pay off the money I owe him. I’d like to make investigating a living. Thing is, there’s not much to investigate around here.

What do you say to people who think you are a little pushy?
Pushy? Me? Who said that?

What are your loves and hates?
I love animals, especially dogs, but any animal is top in my book. I hate bullies and I hate being told what to do.

You didn't excel at school, don't you need to improve your skills to be a good detective?
Are you asking me or telling me? Actually, the Colonel's helping me with that. He's pretty smart. A bit of a fossil, but ever so clever.

What are you working on at the moment?
I can't talk about current cases. Let's just say I've got my fingers in a few things.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me today. The readers at the Farnham Echo always enjoy catching up with your exploits.

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Interview by Lawrence Williams
Farnham Echo

Editor's note ...
Bailey lives in Farnham, Surrey. If local residents or businesses need a private investigator to uncover a mystery or crime, she can be contacted through the Farnham Echo paper. Under no circumstances should prospective clients turn up at her house uninvited. Or her work.